Freitag, 13. März 2015

BARACUS Release 0.9 -The namespace flip

Today I am glad to announce the release of BARACUS version 0.9.
You can obtain the libary by adding these maven coordinates to the project



This release is dominated by the change of the BARACUS namespace from net.mantucon.baracus to org.baracus. The change can be easily performed by replacing all references plus altering the framework version - with IntelliJ IDEA it took me 10 minutes to migrate the entire project to the new namespace.

Simply replace all occurences of

import net.mantucon.baracus


import org.baracus

and all static imports

import static net.mantucon.baracus.


import static org.baracus.

In case that you are using ConstrainedText-Elements, you also must alter all layout XMLs.

The maven archetype already is using the new packages so you can create BARACUS based applications easily using  mvn generate:archetype (see this article for details)

Within the next weeks I will upgrade all tutorials and sample applications to use the new BARACUS namespaces.


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