Dienstag, 10. März 2015

BARACUS now backed by Crowdcode

I am very pleased to announce, that the Crowdcode company will now back the BARACUS project. My company MANTUCON has dissolved in Crowdcode GmbH & Co. KG (I only will continue to perform trainings under the MANTUCON label).

We are more people with a larger range of contacts and better capabilities to keep this framework alive and maintained.

Also, I announce hereby to modify the package domains of the framework. I mischose them to run onder net.mantucon.baracus - despite this is an open source framework hosted and published under baracus.org.

This will be subject of change within the next minor release or the when we will ascend to the 1.0 milestone :)

So be prepared to refactor your applications (net.mantucon.baracus -> org.baracus - that's all) in near future!


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